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White Chuck Ridge

White Chuck Ridge is a roller-coaster ride of steep ups and downs
 with views you will never forget!

 The end of the road due to snow in June, photo by Shari Brewer

What you will see are some of the most beautiful mountains and alpine meadows in the United States.  This road as several steep climbs so be sure your car is up to this type of driving.  We recommend a 4x4 or all wheel drive with good wheel clearance.  Using lower gears will be better for your vehicle and better for the forest road.
 Looking at White Chuck Ridge Road, photo by Kim Brown

One way to get to White Chuck Ridge is to go to the White Chuck Bridge and Rafting Launch south of Darrington towards the Mountain Loop Highway. Cross the bridge, this will put you on Forest Service Road #023 which will take you to Gold Hill, drive up this road until you reach the intersection of Forest Service Road #24, make a left onto FS #24 and drive until you meet FS #2430, this will take you to FS #2435 which is a pretty constant climb to Decline Creek.

Looking toward Whitehorse Mountain from White Chuck Ridge Road, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Just as you are reaching the end of the drive panoramic views of the mountains open up with Mt Baker to the north, Sloan Peak to the south and Whitehorse Mountain to the west.
 The alpines of White Chuck Ridge at the end of the drive, photo by Shari Brewer
The alpine meadows at the end of the White Chuck Ridge are a  special place you will always remember.  This may be one of the most scenic forest road drives in Washington!  At the end of the drive there is the Upper Conn/White Chuck Ridge user trail to the east.  Just like this amazing scenic backroad, the trail offers views that you will never forget!  This is not an official forest service trail and hike this at your own risk