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Old School Park

Old School Park is centrally located right in town!

 Gazebo & playground at Old School Park

Old School Park is located in the center of town on Givens and Riddle Street.  There you will find public restrooms, covered gazebo, picnic tables and barbecues, playground, bicycle Pump Track, 2 tennis courts, beach volleyball and 2 baseball fields.  Soon this park will be having a world class skateboard park!  There is also an informational kiosk to the south of the gazebo.  To reserve the gazebo call Darrington City Hall at: 360-436-1005

The signs at the park explain the unique name for this park, at one time this was where many of the old schools of Darrington were once located.  The sign to the east of Old School Park shows a painting of one of the old schools that once stood here.  This was considered the "new school" back in 1932 when it was built.  This mural shows the school after a renovation and expansion of the building in 1952-1953. 

The old Darrington School, later the Darrington Grade School,
photo Darrington Historical Society

The first school was built to meet the growing needs of our community back in 1922.  Some of the materials were brought up by train, lumber was milled locally and the building was built by volunteers.  Learn more about the old schools of Old School Park.

Volunteers build Bicycle Pump Track

Old School Park is home to a wonderful Pump Track offering hours of family fun!  Learn more about the great bicycle recreation all around Darrington.

Skate Park at Old School Park