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Nels Bruseth Memorial Garden

Nels Bruseth lived his life to the fullest, loved the natural beauty that surrounded him and wanted to learn more about everything that he interacted with.  Nels, a broad shouldered man of 5 foot 10 inches, is still today remembered as a giant of a man and a legend!

Nels painted his home & surrounding garden in Darrington

Nels and his wife Beate shared a love of gardening when living at their home in Darrington, their gardens spanned around the house and all the way across Emens Avenue to the east.  After Nels passed away in 1957 the gardens east of Emens Avenue was dedicated as a memorial garden for this legendary man.  Later the Sauk Prairie Road was rerouted through the southern end of the gardens.  Learn more about Nels Bruseth...

Volunteers work to restore the canoe shed protecting the dugout canoe display in 2013 at the Nels Bruseth Memorial Garden

Nels loved history and worked hard to preserve local heritage.  He was close the the Stillaguamish and Sauk-Suiattle Tribes and held them with the highest admiration.  One of his accomplishments was to gather and preserve the various types of dugout canoes so future generations could see the amazing engineered works of art.  When looking at these canoes imagine being in a long shovel nose canoe navigating the swift waters of the local rivers as our first people did to travel to and from their various destinations.  These people were skilled canoe people traveling great distances, even as far as the salt water to gather needed food and supplies.  Two of these canoes were used at the Texas Pond Bolt Camp.

The newly restored canoe shed at Nels Bruseth Memorial Garden

  • Picnic tables are located at the garden and public restrooms are located at the ranger station across SR 530.
  • Dugout canoe display