Lookout Tree

Lookout Tree, photo by Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

In 1918 this huge cedar tree was made into a Fire Lookout. A crows nest was constructed on the top and spikes were driven into the side of the tree so it could easily be climbed.  During fire season this tree was climbed daily to look for signs of fire. If fire was spotted the ranger would report this to the Forest Service Guard Station which was just beyond this point. The only way to get supplies into the area was by pack train. When Sauk River Timber Company put the train through in 1926, supplies arrived by train.  In the 1930s the Lookout Tree was abandoned as a Fire Lookout. 

The Lookout Tree Trail descends downward through the woods to this majestic tree.  You can still see where the spikes had been driven into the sides at one time used for steps to climb to the top.