Mt. Pugh

Mt. Pugh Fire Lookout as a "Rag House", photo courtesy of the Darrington Historical Society

Mount. Pugh Fire Lookout was established in 1916 as a rock platform and "Rag House" tent.  In 1919 a D-6 cupola cabin was constructed and Nels Bruseth manned the lookout. was later destroyed by.  Every Saturday after his 5:00 fire report he would RUN down the mountain to take his girl friend Beate to the weekly dance in Darrington, Nels loved to dance.  He never failed to be back to the lookout by the crack of dawn ready for another week's work.  Later Nels asked Beate for her hand in marriage.  Nels and his bride spent their honeymoon at the Mt. Pugh Fire Lookout built in 1921 and "manned" the lookout together.  The lookout later burned after a lightning strike and was replaced by a tent and alidade.  In 1927 the lookout was rebuilt again in its original location and tent removed.

he D-6 Cupola Cabin on Mount Pugh, photo USFS

Mt. Pugh Lookout was later abandoned and in 1965 it was destroyed.  The location of this lookout was 13 miles southeast of Darrington right on the peak of Mount Pugh, elevation 7,201. Today you can hike to the old lookout location on the Mt. Pugh Trail #644.