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Experience the thrill of the whitewater, a summer float down the river or discover lakes & ponds by paddle, Darrington has it all!
One way to see our beautiful scenery is take a rafting trip. It's a great way to get a view of the mountains that you just can't see from the road, also where there is water, there is quite a bit of wildlife activity and of course the bald eagles in the Fall.
 Photo courtesy of  Adventure Cascades

The Sauk River is fed by the tributary White Chuck River and glacieral melt from Glacier Peak Mountain from the south. It is one of the few rivers in the United States that actually flows north. These class III+ rapids wind between water worn boulders and along side the historical mining and timber town of Darrington. If you are interested in booking a rafting trip down the Sauk River contact: Adventure CascadesOrion River Expeditions and North Cascade River Expeditions.
 Photo courtesy of North Cascade River Expeditions
As Sauk River flows north it meets up with another tributary the Suiattle River. This river is very limited as to how many rafters may travel this 13 mile run of class II to class IV rapids


River seasons tend to be:
  • Whitewater - spring thru about end of July
  • Float trips - end of July thru late fall
  • Eagle viewing trips - November thru February

Seeing the eagles return

The Rivers of Darrington

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