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Discover The Winter Wonderland Of Segelsen Ridge!
Segelsen - Round Mountain vista, photo by Paul Wagner

Just northwest of Darrington is the Finny Creek-Segelson Creek Sno-Park on Mt. Higgins.  This somewhat groomed winter recreation trail designated for snowmobiling is 63 miles long taking you over beautiful Cumberland Pass to the west and Finney Creek to the east.  See The Sno-Park Map

Explore the Segelsen Forest Roads, photo by Martha Rasmussen

There are several scenic vistas along the way and some points of interest is Segelsen Ridge Falls, Cresent Falls & Segelsen Lake. To use this winter recreational trail a Sno-Park Permit is required.

Getting There:

  • From Darrington:  Drive west about 5 miles to Swede Heaven road, drive 1.5 miles to Forest Service road #18, the parking and trailhead is about 1 mile.
  • From Concrete:  Drive east on Hwy 20 southeast, to the Sauk-Valley Rd, to Forest Service Road #17, elevation 770 feet and there are 30 spaces.