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The Waterfall Drive

This is a scenic drive with one 0.2 mile hike.

North Fork Sauk Falls, photo by Martha Rasmussen
This is an easy drive where you will view 4 waterfalls, also several additional smaller waterfalls.  The best time to take this drive is in mid spring thru June.

Your first waterfall is First Falls aptly named because it is the first waterfall to be seen driving the Mountain Loop Highway from Darrington.  This waterfalls volume relies solely on rain and runoff from snow melt.  When you approach the bridge crossing the Sauk River to the left, (east) you have the option of also adding the Scenic Drive to Cougar Hollow where there is another nice waterfall.

 North Fork Sauk Falls is a powerful waterfall being forced through a narrow gorge and dropping 50 feet.  You can often hear the falls from the trailhead and see the mist rising as you hike down the trail.  

Asbestos Creek Falls, photo by Charlie Duncan Photography

The Asbestos Creek Falls can be seen from several locations in the valley as it makes several drops totaling 950 feet.  On this drive it takes you right up to the falls and concrete ford where the creek flows over the road.  Right before the concrete ford is a wide spot to pull off of the road.   Just before Asbestos Creek Falls is one more unnamed waterfall.  Asbestos Creek falls During the dry season will slow down to a trickle.  On a calm day with not too much wind you will hear Asbestos Falls down below on Clear Creek.

Driving south on the Mountain Loop Highway at 6.7 miles, during the early summer snow melt, you will see "First Falls"  just to your right.  Just before you reach 12.8 miles you will see a turn out so you can park to enjoy 3 waterfalls to the left of the road.
At 15.5 miles you will turn left on FS Rd. #49 "Sloan Creek Rd.",  and drive 1 mile to the parking area on the right for North Fork Sauk Falls trailhead #660.  This is a short .2 mile hike descending down 200 feet.

To continue on the waterfall scenic drive return back to the Mountain Loop Highway heading north (right) and drive 13 miles to and turn left on FS Rd. #2060, and drive 2 3/4 miles to  Asbestos Creek Falls.

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