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Rock Climbing & Bouldering

Darrington, surrounded by rugged majestic mountains all with diverse geology offers legendary summits, rock climbing & bouldering.  Darrington Strong, Inc. is currently working with climbing and boulder groups to create a collective map showing all locations for local mountains summits, rock climbing & Bouldering.

Climbing Areas:
Three O'clock Rock
Daniel Coltrane on Three O'clock Rock, photo by Matt Perkins

Three O'clock Rock is accessed by Clear Creek Road, the same route to Eightmile Trail & Bornite Trail.  Both of the trails are also access to climbing routes.  To learn more...

Climbing Areas:
Green Giant Buttress
Eric on Dreamer, photo by Matt Perkins

Green Giant Buttress is accessed on the same road as Three O'clock Rock driving past the Eightmile Trailhead.  This is a VERY rough road and a portion of the road is the user trail for the Bornite TrailTo learn more...

Climbing Areas:
Exfoliation Dome
Dark Rhythm, photo by Matt Perkins

To access Exfoliation Dome you will take Clear Creek Road, Forest Road #2060 and road to Eightmile Trailhead, before reaching the trailhead you will take the road to the right which drops down crossing a bridge over the Clear Creek.  This is a VERY rough road.  You will come to a wider part of the road where a couple of cars can park.  To learn more...

Climbing Whitehorse Mountain:

Looking up at the peaks of Whitehorse Mountain, photo by Bob Herzer

To summit Whitehorse Mountain via Lone Tree Pass take the Niederprum Trail to the very end.  When you come to the "flat spot" which was the old cabin site the obscure climbing route continues from there.  Lear more...