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Texas Pond Picnic Area

Texas Pond as seen from the picnic table, photo by Nels Rasmussen

Texas Pond up on North Mountain, is a beautiful and historical place to visit while in Darrington.  There are two picnic tables located on the northeast side of the pond.  In early morning it is a good time to watch for wildlife, you may even catch a glimpse of the busy beaver.  During early summer this is a great place to look for wildflowers, swamp laurel grows on the stumps and logs like floating gardens.

Cedar bolt flume & drainage of Texas Pond, photo by Nels Rasmussen D.C.
This was the location of the fire guard station for the Suiattle-Finney Forest District now part of the Darrington Ranger District. Tommy Thompson was the first ranger at Texas Pond. A Sub-Ranger Station was built mostly by Tommy, when it was completed in 1908 he married his sweetheart Ella. They spent their honeymoon at the new ranger station and called it home until 1914.  There was a Cedar Bolt Camp at Texas Pond for many years. You can still see the shoot which was used to send the bolts down to the Sauk River, the wheel that was used to control water level, and also the large cedar stumps throughout the pond.  In 1913 Tommy built a Guard House near the Suiattle River known as the Suiattle Guard House and it still stands today.

Trail along Texas Pond, photo by Martha Rasmussen

On the south, the pond is larger and there are several "fisherman's trails" to explore. This campsite is a great place for the mountain bike enthusiast to stay as it is surrounded by miles of Forest Service roads.
Enjoy a day exploring beautiful Texas Pond and please if you pack it in please pack it out.  Texas Pond is adopted by volunteers of Friends For Public Use and they have worked very hard keeping it clean, rebuilding the picnic tables, restoring the vaulted toilet and so much more!  They do this so that the public can enjoy this very special place!

Camping Details:
Accessible: No

Owner: Forest Service

1 campsite
1 picnic area

Dispersed campsites are not campgrounds
They do not have:
  • A camp host
  • Garbage receptacles
  • Potable water
  • No reservations & is first come first served

They do have:

  • Vehicle pull ins
  • Vault toilet

Season: Year round

Being able to camp at dispersed campsite is a wonderful recreation to have available.  Please keep our backcountry clean and do not blaze new roads by driving where roads are closed or nonexistent.

Getting There: Drive 5.6 miles north from the Darrington Ranger Station, turn left at the Christian Camp sign on Forest Service Road #28, drive 1 mile and make a left just past the "Christian Camp, drive 3.6 miles. When you come to a Y in the road, keep to your right. It is about 1/2 mile to the camp sites