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Slide Lake #635

Starting off on Slide Lake Trail, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Slide Lake trail starts off on a steep winding trail through enormous boulders from a ancient slide of long ago.  This is the same slide that formed the destination of this trail, Slide Lake.  When you are driving to the Slide Lake trailhead on the scenic Illabot Creek Road, just after crossing the Illabot Creek bridge you can look up northeast to the peaks and see the rock ledge where these boulders once fell from.

A wall of boulders as trees adapt to their environment, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Over the many years the forest has adapted to its rocky surrounding creating lush forest, abundant wildflowers and occasional views of the rock face above.  As you hike along the trail you will hear streamlets flowing somewhere below in the boulders and Otter Creek paralleling  the trail.  This is the drainage of the lakes above.

The largest pond before reaching Slide Lake, photo by Martha Rasmussen

The trail is only only 1.2 miles and though the trail starts rather steeply it levels off winding through forest and shortly comes to a pond before reaching the lake.  When looking at the outlet of the pond it is very clear to see how this enormous slide created a dam holding the water back.

Shortly after reaching the pond you begin to see Snow King Mountain off in the distance.  Then you drop down and get your first view of the beautiful deep Slide Lake.  There are a couple of designated camping sites along the lake with a backcountry toilet for those that would like to make this an overnight destination.