Squire Creek Pass #654

The Squire Creek flowing slowly west of the slide along the trail, photo by Martha Rasmussen

The old road to the trailhead became impassable when in 2002 a massive slide came down Jumbo Mountain, the thundering while this happened could be heard and felt for miles.  Hikers have picked a trail through the boulders, crossing a few streams and in 2 miles you come to the original trailhead.  While walking through these massive boulders look up at the scar still very apparent today where a large section of the mountain came down blocking the swift waters of Squire Creek to create large pools.  

One of the larger creek fords cascading down from Jumbo Mountain, photo by Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

Once climbing up from the slide you will resume walking on the old road.  It crosses several beautiful woodland creeks and small streams fed by snow melt above.  A good rule to remember when crossing mountain streams is that as the day warms, the water in these streams will increase in volume and can be significantly higher by afternoon. 

Looking to the eastern side of Whitehorse Mountain, photo by Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

The trail takes you through mixed forest then magnificent stands of old-growth as you near the Boulder River Wilderness.  Continuing this hike there will some views of
spectacular rock faces on Whitehorse Mountain to the west and Jumbo Mountain to the east.  A little while later you can catch some glimpses of Three Fingers Mountain and Mount Bullon.  The trail will be a steady climb from here.

Gentian growing in the alpines, photo by Martha Rasmussen

At 1.5 miles, you cross a boulder field and small creek, continuing up to the pass, the trail climbs a few switchbacks. As you near the ridge you will enter alpine meadows with small lakes and views of the mountains.  Once reaching the pass you will be rewarded by incredible mountain views in all directions!

Atop Squire Creek Pass, photo by Bob Herzer

Once reaching the pass
you will meet up with the 
Eight-Mile-Trail #654.02, which come up from the eastern side of Jumbo Mountain.
Type of Trail: USFS
Length: 5.7
Elevation: 1,600 - 4,000 feet
Level of difficulty: difficult

Best Seasons: Summer & Fall

Seasonal Interest:
  • Summer - wildflowers, waterfalls, vistas
  • Fall - berries, fall colors, vistas

General Information:

Wilderness Restrictions: Yes

Restroom: None

Bring drinking water

Getting There: From the Darrington Ranger District office, drive south and take Mt. Loop Highway .8 miles to Darrington Street. Turn right on Darrington Street and follow this road for 3.75 miles to the end.

This hike can be a loop trip which will require a second car at the Eight-Mile-Trailhead starting off on the Copper Creek Road via the Clear Creek Road #2065.  This is the same road that takes you to Asbestos Creek Falls, Bornite & popular climbing routes.

Further Information:

Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Washington Trail Association


Hiking the Cascades - Squire Creek Pass