Old Sauk Trail #728

Take A Historical Trail Through The Beauty Of Nature
Mossy Old Sauk Trail, by Martha Rasmussen

Old Sauk Trail is an easy 3 mile hike winding through remaining old growth, second growth and riparian forest.  This is a great year round family friendly hike. The central trailhead takes you to the new accessible, barrier free loop of the trail where people of all abilities can enjoy nature's splendor. In the late spring the forest floor is an array of wildflowers and in late fall the forest floor become a treasure hunt of mysterious mushrooms.  Portions of the trail are the old pioneer trail that once connected Darrington to the Gold Mines of Monte Cristo If you love history please see "A Little About Our History".

Sauk River along the trail, by Martha Rasmussen

This hike has three trailheads, northern, central which is the accessible trailhead and southern starting at Murphy Creek.  We will start the hike description from the northern trailhead.  As you wind through lush forest you come to the Sauk River and will continue paralleling the river.  There are several vistas that look out over the river which are good places to see eagles when in season.   While continuing you will come to a footbridge crossing a stream which has been damned by beavers, this is a great place to linger to look at the busy work of a busy beaver and watch for birds.  As you wind up your hike you will come to Murphy Creek and the southern trailhead.  In late fall salmon spawn in the confluence of this creek.

Old Sauk Trail in fall, by Martha Rasmussen

Type of trail: USFS
Length: 3 miles one way
Elevation: 600 - 600 no elevation gain
Level of difficulty: easy

Best Seasons: This is a four season hike in old growth forest along the Sauk River.  It is best to check road conditions in the winter.

Seasonal interest:
  • Spring & summer, abundant wildflowers, wildlife viewing,
  • Fall, fascinating mushrooms, fall colors & possible eagle viewing
  • Winter, a real walk in a winter wonderland, possible snowshoeing

General information:
History: The old trail to the gold rush of Monte Cristo

Wilderness restrictions: No

Restroom: Yes, at the accessible trailhead

Bring plenty of drinking water

Getting There: To get to Old Sauk Trail from the Darrington Ranger Station drive south on the Mt. Loop Highway 4 miles, the northern trailhead is on the left, or continue about 2 more miles to the central trailhead to your left.  The southern trailhead is at 6.6 from the ranger station on the left.

Further information:
Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest