Frog Lake Trail #659

Frog Lake Trail, Photo by Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

The Frog Lake trailhead is across the Mountain Loop Highway from the Clear Creek Campground and is a steady climb along beautiful old growth fir and cedar.  As you hike you will notice cultural scaring on the cedar trees where our local Sauk-Suiattle Tribe has gathered bark for weaving baskets.  About 0.5 mile into the hike there is a log foot bridge to cross, this can be very slippery in wet weather and the hand cable is a high reach for very small children.  At 0.8 mile  you reach the back road and is a easy walk to Frog Lake. 
Frog Lake, photo by Martha Rasmussen

This small 1.5 acre lake of is teaming with fascinating amphibian life and makes a wonderful family nature hike.When you get closer to the lake what at first appears to be small insects crawling all over on the shore are tiny frogs of assorted colors.  Watch your step as you approach closer and you will see them all over the logs and boulders.  It's no wonder they named it Frog Lake.
One of the many tiny frog inhabitants of Frog Lake next to hemlock needle about 1/2 inch long,
photo by Nels Rasmussen, D.C.
 Since walking is slow at Frog Lake due to the many tiny frogs crowding the shore, have a good look around.  There are many inhabitants in the lake and along the shores.  Water-skippers dancing over the water, fish jumping and of course the birds love this place. 
 Mysterious eggs begin to move as they are almost ready to hatch,
photo by Nels Rasmussen, D.C.
Late spring and early summer is a magical time when new life begins emerge from the waters of Frog Lake.  Watch closely and you can see small egg sacks near the shores.  Soon these eggs will hatch and another great adventure will be in order to Frog Lake to see who the residents will be.  A great family destination and great opportunity to learn about nature!

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Type of Trail: USFS
Length: 1 mile
Elevation: 600 - 1,000
Level of difficulty: easy to more difficult - one slippery narrow foot bridge

Best Seasons: Spring, Summer & Fall

Seasonal Interest:
  • Spring - fascinating frogs and emerging eggs, wildflowers
  • Summer - abundance of fascinating frogs, wildflowers
  • Fall - birding, migrating stop for several aquatic birds, fall colors

General Information:
History:  Frog Lake was once the location of one of the sawmills for the Bornite Mine.

Wilderness restrictions: No

Restroom: None at trailhead, nearest Vault toilet is at Clear Creek Campground across the street.

Bring drinking water

Road and Trail Conditions

Getting There:  To get to Frog Lake from the Darrington Ranger Station, drive south to the Mountain Loop Highway. Follow this road for approximately 4.0 miles. Parking is available on the right just before the Clear Creek bridge.  Clear Creek Campground is just across the Mountain Loop Highway from this trail.

Further Information: Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest