Chockwich Falls Bike Trail #647.2

Chockwich Falls Trail Is Also Listed As A USFS Mtn. Bike Trail

Chockwich Falls in May, photo by Nels Rasmussen

To get to Chokwich Falls you start off on the old Penn Mining road that is now the Goat Lake/Elliott Creek Trail #647,  after about one mile into the hike you will see the sign pointing to the waterfall and Goat Lake.  If you are mountain biking you can continue up to Goat Lake until you reach the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness, foot traffic is only allowed at this point, or to Chockwich Falls, fording both Chockwich and Bedal Creek at 1/4 mile where there is a primitive campsite. Continuing about 1/4 more miles you will reach the Bedal Creek trailhead and parking area.  You can continue back down to the Mt. Loop Hwy at this point on FS Rd. #4096, be mindful that this is also open to vehicle traffic.    

Sign pointing to Chockwich Falls, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Late Spring is a great time to hike the Chokwich Falls Trail, with the melting snow the flow is heavy and quite spectacular.  The Chockwich creek runs high and fast in late Spring and early Summer making it dangerous to ford to the other side.  This is a wonderful trail to see early Spring flowers. When planning a early season hike it is best to check with the Darrington Ranger Station for road and trail conditions. If you are planning a mountain bike trip to Chockwich Trail, you will want to come out Summer or Fall when flow is not so high and fording Chockwich and Bedal creeks much easier. Chockwich Falls takes on a completely different look in later Summer as it fans out over the rock light streams lacing over the rock.   
Chokwich Falls Trail #647.2, photo by Martha Rasmussen

The waterfalls makes a wonderful destination but the trail itself is a real treat for those of you seeking beautiful wildflowers. The edges of the trail are carpeted in rich green moss, Trillium, Wild Ginger and Bleeding Heart. Later in the Summer months you will find Goat's Beard and Fireweed

Lower Chockwich Falls along the Mountain Loop Highway,
 photo by Nels Rasmussen, D.C.
Type of Trail: USFS
Length: 2.2 miles
Elevation: 1,900 - 2,800
Level of difficulty: easy if not fording the creek

Seasons: Summer & Fall

Seasonal Interest:
  • Summer & fall - mountain vistas, waterfall
General Information:
Wilderness restrictions: No

Restroom: Vault Toilet at Goat Lake/Elliott Creek Trailhead.  No restroom at Bedal Creek Trailhead.

Bring drinking water

Northwest Trail Pass required Goat Lake Trailhead

Getting There:
Goat Lake Side - Access 1: From Darrington Ranger Station, drive south along Mt. Loop Highway, Forest Road  #20, for 22 miles to Elliot Creek Road, Forest Road #4080. Turn left and continue 0.8 miles to the trailhead.

BedalCreek Side - Access 2: From Darrington Ranger Station, drive south along Mt. Loop Highway, Forest Road #20, for 21 miles to Forest Service road 4096, (this is a very rough high clearance road). Turn left and continue two miles to the trailhead.

Further Information:  Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest