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Trails Of The Mountain Loop Highway

Darrington, where the trail begins...
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Hiking TrailLevel Of DifficultyLength one wayAllowed Use
Hiking TrailLevel Of DifficultyLength one wayAllowed Use
Barlow Point Trail #709 easiest 1.2 miles  hiking/family 
Beaver Lake Trail #783 easiest 1 mile hiking/family 
Bedal Creek Trail #705 difficult 2.2 miles hiking 
Boulder River Trail #734 easy 4 miles hiking 
Chockwich Falls Trail/Mtn. Bike Trail #647.2 easy (early season difficult) 2.5 miles hiking/bicycling 
Crystal Lake Trail #638 More Difficult 5 miles hiking 
Eight Mile Trail #654.02 most difficult 3.7 miles hiking 
Frog Lake Trail #659 more difficult (see foot bridge) 1 mile hiking/family 
Goat Lake (Elliott Creek) #647 more difficult 4.5 miles hiking/family 
Harold Engles Memorial Grove Trail #642 easiest 0.5 mile hiking/family 
Lookout Tree Trail #783.1 more difficult 1 mile hiking/family 
Lost Creek Ridge #646 difficult 11 miles hiking/stock 
Mt. Pugh Trail #644 most difficult 3.5 miles hiking 
Neiderprum Trail #653 difficult 2.65 miles & climbing route hiking/climbing 
North Fork Sauk Falls #660 easiest 0.2 mile hiking/family 
North Fork Sauk Trail #649 most difficult 8.4 miles hiking/stock 
Old Government Trail #733 easiest 2 miles hiking/family 
Old Sauk Accessible Trail #728 easy 1.3 miles hiking/wheelchair friendly 
Old Sauk Trail #728 easiest 3.0 miles hiking/family 
Pacific Crest Trail See webpage See webpage See webpage 
Peek A Boo Lake Trail #656 more difficult 2.2 hiking/family 
Pilot Ridge Trail #652 most difficult 11 miles hiking 
Red Mountain Trail #651 difficult 1 mile & climbers route hiking/climbing 
Sloan Peak Trail #648 most difficult 4.5 miles hiking/climbing 
Squire Creek Pass #654 more difficult 3.7 miles hiking 
White Chuck Bench Trail #731 more difficult 2 miles hiking/family 
Showing 26 items