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Equine Recreation

Bar3 Quarter Horse Ranch & Outfitters heading to White Pass
Darrington Equine Outfitters:
Offering: Horseback riding day trips - Guided back country horseback riding trips - Drop camping - Packing in supplies to sites
The Pack Station returning after supplying the Miner Ridge Lookout

There are two access trails to the Pacific Crest Trail from the National Forest surrounding Darrington, the North Sauk Trail south of town and the Suiattle Trail north of town.  If you are planning a vacation backpacking the PCT consider starting off with drop camping.  This is where you and your supplies are dropped off where you really want to start your hiking trip and not taking a couple of days hiking to get to that starting point.

Amanda Taylor and her pony at the Darrington Rodeo

Darrington is also the proud home of the Timberbowl Rodeo since 1946!  The Darrington Horse Owners Association host
Play Days at the Rodeo Grounds May through September.  This is a lot of fun for both horse and rider!

Heading down the Whitehorse Trail with Bar 3 Quarter Horse Ranch & Outfitters

The Whitehorse Trail is an Equine friendly trail.  At this time a portion of this trail is officially open starting from the Darrington end.  The trail when completed will connect Arlington to Darrington, a beautiful stretch of old railroad grade following the NF Stillaguamish River with several bridge crossings.