Mountain Loop Highway; Dispersed Campsites

Mountain Loop - Chockwich Dispersed Campsites is about 25 miles from Darrington heading south on Mountain Loop Highway
Looking at one of the dispersed campsites, photo by Martha Rasmussen

As you drive down the Mountain Loop Highway from Darrington you will see a three pullouts along the road & a vault toilet.  The campsites are near the wild & scenic South Fork Sauk River nestles in forest offering welcome shade during the summer months. Please be sure to use this facility and keep human excrement 200 feet away from the pristine mountain river.

The beautiful wild and scenic South Fork Sauk River near the confluences of Elliott Creek,
photo by Martha Rasmussen 

Near these campsite are several very picturesque day hikes such as Bedal Creek , Chockwich Falls and the Goat Lake/Elliott Creek trails or just enjoy time exploring scenic forest road drivesRemember when using dispersed campsites you will need to bring everything your need and please remember to pack it all back out and leave it nice for the next camper.

In Darrington, just a 25 mile drive north on the Mountain Loop Highway you will shopping, dining
and other services.

Campground Details:
Accessible: No

Owner: Forest Service
Campsites: 3

Dispersed Campsites are not Campgrounds and do not have:
  • A camp host
  • Garbage receptacles
  • Potable water
  • No reservations & is first come first served
They do have:
  • Vehicle pull ins
  • Vault toilet

Season:  Year Round

Being able to camp at dispersed campsites is a wonderful recreation to have available.  Please keep our backcountry clean and do not blaze new roads by driving where roads are closed or nonexistent.