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Green Mountain Lookout, A Favorite Hiking Destination

posted Mar 7, 2011, 2:11 PM by Martha Rasmussen

Green Mountain Trail #782 is famous for wildflowers and the Green Mountain Fire Lookout built in 1933.  This beloved hiking trail may see some severe changes in the near future by the removal of the registered historic Green Mountain Fire Lookout.  The lookout has served for decades to safeguard the surrounding forest from the devastation of fires and offered a warm dry refuge for the hiker.

Green Mountain Fire Lookout and its surrounding mountains,
photo USFS

 Ravaged by time and the heavy snows of the mountain, the lookout was dismanteled and removed for restoration.  After restoration the lookout was returned to its mountain where it had been created 78 years ago.  So why is the lookout now facing the possible removal from Green Mountain?  Please read Darrington Historical Society's "Save Green Mountain Lookout". 

Looking up Green Mountain at its lookout,
photo USFS