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Darrington Day Schedule

posted Jun 18, 2011, 7:37 AM by Martha Rasmussen

Darrington Day Activities and Directory

June 18th, 2011 at 10 am to 4 pm

Presentations At The Mansford Grange:

  1. A historical presentation by author Eric Erickson; “Darrington By Way Of The Northern Pacific Railway” at 11 am to noon

  2. A historical presentation: “Celebrating Darrington's 120th Birthday, Looking Back In Time” at 1 pm to 2 pm

  3. A presentation: “Discovering Wildflowers & Some Ways These Plants Were Once Used By Native Americans & Early Settlers” at 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Activities Displays Around Town:

#1 The Train Room:

  • See the large O scale model railroad at the “Train Room” in the fire hall. This model Shay Locomotive is like the Shay Locomotive that was the first train to role into Darrington July 2, 1901, 110 years ago. This model railroad is being brought up to Darrington by Andy Korthius.

  • See the presentation “Locomotives Of The Northern Pacific Railway” at the “Train Room” in the fire hall. Meet the authors Eric Erickson & Walt Taubeneck of “Mile Post a History of the Arlington - Darrington Branch of the Northern Pacific”

  • Shop the Darrington Open Air Market vendors at the “Train Room”at the fire hall

#2 Enjoy our famous bluegrass music from the Darrington Bluegrass Association at Old School Park at 1 pm to 3:30 pm.

#3 With all the walking around town on Darrington Day, you will be glad to know the Cascade Senior Center invites you to beverages and goodies by donation and a place to sit down and relax.

  • See the amazing waterfalls of the Darrington area at Aaron Young's “Aaron's Waterfall World Display”, Aaron has several stunning photographs of waterfalls most folks have never seen. This will be at the Cascade Senior Center on Darrington Street, 10 am to 4 pm.

#4 If you are driving up the Mountain Loop Highway or just have a dirty car, the Darrington Cheerleaders are having a car wash on the corner of Emens Street and Seeman Street at the old Pine Tree.

# 5 The Darrington IGA will be serving barbequed pulled pork sandwiches from the Bubba Q. This is a fundraiser, donations go to the new Roger Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund.

  • The Mountain Loop Highway is 70 years old this year! See the Mountain Loop Highway historical display by the Darrington Historical Society at the IGA

  • Gold was discovered in the Cascade Mountains in the year of 1889! The place of this discovery will later be known as Monte Cristo. See the Monte Cristo Preservation Association's display at the IGA and learn about the 41 mile road that was built in 1891 from Skagit River and a little bit about this legendary gold rush boom town.

# 6 The Mountain Loop Bookstore on Darrington Street, will opening on Darrington Day!

  • Meet author Brenda Ballard of “The Boy From Granite Falls. This book is an unforgettable children's series which depicts growing up in the Cascade Mountains during the 1930s. Once you read this book, you may be inspired to explore your own family heritage.

  • See the the early day logging display at the Mountain Loop Bookstore.

#7 Step into Darrington's yesteryear by taking the “Darrington Self Guided History Tour”. This is a tour that will take you to 26 locations around town to signs which will show what buildings were once there and tells their stories. You may never look at Darrington the same way ever again.

#8 There will be some children's activities and wildflower coloring sheets available at the Darrington Library.

#9 Melinda's Movies And More will be having a variety of Darrington Tee shirts for sale

#10 There will be a Chainsaw Show at the Glacier Peak Cafe and Honeysuckle House at 10 am to 4 pm.

  • You can get your free Darrington Day maps and Tour Guides at the Honeysuckle House

* Pick up your maps and tour guides to take the self guided “Wildflower Walk With A Bit Of History” and the guide for the “Scenic Waterfall Backroad Drive” and “Darrington's Self Guided History Tour” at the Honeysuckle House, Galloping Goose Gifts/Darrington Liquor Store and Mountain Loop Books.

While you are walking around town on Darrington Day, keep an eye out for Smokey The Bear and Big Foot, they've been known to have been seen in these parts!