Food & Farm

Satisfy Your Taste-buds With Locally Produced And Crafted Foods
Discover Darrington's fine crafted beers, photo from River Time Brewing

The River Time Brewhouse resides in the historical Old City Hall, 660 Emens Ave, Darrington Wa 98241.  It's more than a brewhouse, it is a place where two passionate brewers diligently work at perfecting their craft.  Stop by and check out Darrington's own locally crafted beers and enjoy beer at an appropriate pace!  Learn more at their website and follow them on Facebook.

Prairie Mountain Honey Company

Prairie Mountain Honey Company offers a fine variety of honeys such as fireweed, blackberry and more.  Their happy bees have much open space surrounded by forested lands. Follow them on Facebook.  You can find Prairie Mountain Honey at the Mountain Loop Books and Coffee.

Whitehorse Meadows Farm produces certified organic blueberries on the old Denman Dairy Farm located at the toe of Whitehorse Mountain.  Their plump ripe blueberries are ready to pick during July depending on weather.  You can buy their berries from their fruit stand or various market locations.  The farm also crafts some unique culinary specialty products that are sure to add to your cooking experience!  Learn more at their website and follow them on Facebook.

A friendly goat comes from the Yarmuth Farm to the Darrington 4th of July Community Fair to meet & greet, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Yarmuth Farm Cheese
is made right at their family-owned WSDA certified Grade A dairy.  All of their cheeses are made from milk produced from their dairy goats.  Their 45 goats are lovingly nurtured and fed by grazing the various native vegetation around the farm and supplemented by top quality grains & eastern Washington alfalfa.  You can purchase Yarmuth Farm cheeses at the Whitehorse Market and other locations.  Learn more at their website.