Locally Produced & Crafted

Proudly locally crafted and produced in the Upriver N.F. Stillaguamish & Sauk Valleys

One of a kind Tie-dye garments by Whitehorse Whimsies Tie-Dye & More
Each item is unique carefully handcrafted by Pam Fritchman of Darrington from the classic tie dye Tee-shirts to dresses you would be proud to where for that special night out.  Follow them on Facebook

Clear Creek Candles & Gifts makes handcrafted candles, soaps, toiletries & more.  Made right here in Darrington, 1015 Sauk Av., Darrington, WA 98241 (360) 436-9424   See their website & follow them on Facebook

Beautiful Sway Mechanika Drums made in Oso, WA

You've got to see them and better yet hear them! Stave constructed drum, modern dimensional & custom wood lugs and hoops.  Shell Kits dimensioned to your specifications & desires.  Symphonic/Concert Series Bass Drums & Large Toms.  The drums with the BIG Sound & Fantastic Appearance!  See their website & follow them on Facebook

This project is still under construction...
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