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Whitehorse Community Park

Whitehorse Community Park is located on the southern slope of North Mountain just north of Darrington with a panoramic view of Darrington's surrounding mountains you will never forget!
Whitehorse Mountain to the south

Looking southeast between Gold Hill and Jumbo Mountain towards the Sauk River Valley and mountains beyond

Looking to the west at Prairie Mountain

Looking up North Mountain to the north of the fields.  Just beyond the park are several scenic backroads to explore
and beautiful and historical Texas Pond.

Looking west towards Round Mountain, Mount Higgins and Cumberland Pass.

Whitehorse Community Park is being developed from a partnership between the Town of Darrington & Snohomish County. 
This park currently has 3 tournament quality baseball fields.  Potable water is not available and sanitation by renting sani-cans. 
This park is currently being considered for full development so watch us grow!

Breathtaking view from Whitehorse Park, photo by Martha Rasmussen
For more information on reserving these fields:

The Town of Darrington

1005 Cascade Street

Darrington, WA 90241

360-436-1131 or send an email to:

Photos by Martha Rasmussen

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