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Childcare & Education

Darrington's first school circa 1891, photo from the Darrington Historical Society

From the very beginning Darrington's top priority was the education of our children!  The first Darrington School opened its doors in 1893 enrolling four local students to ensure they would receive a proper education.

At Kid's Place, we believe in educating the whole child.  We know that many components of children's lives affect their success in learning: wellness,family involvement, nutrition, a safe environment and a diverse community.

 Heading out for time at the park, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Our mission is: to be mindful of these components while planning our lessons, meals and activities. 
Learn more from their website...

Our community is very involved with our schools and encourages our youth to take an active roll in their community!  The Darrington School District offers grades K - 12.

The Darrington High School, photo by Leah Tyson

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Glacier Peak Institute, GPI, empowers youth, community and ecosystems to prosper and cultivate a shared resilient future through action-based education.

Darrington students learn about Co-generation at the Hampton Mill, photo by Gavin Gladsjo

Learn more how our students are learning about the world around them with Glacier Peak Institute.  See the fun musical video of a field trip to Diablo LakeLearn more at their website... 

Darrington Baseball Club providing off season baseball coaching, building confidence & sportsmanship for all skill levels & youth ages  Learn more....

DJAA, Darrington Junior Athletic Association