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A Great Fall Hike For The Whole Family

Old Sauk Trail is a great hike for fall!

This is a good trail for the whole family and is 3.0 miles one way with no elevation gain.

Fall is a fascinating time to explore the Old Sauk Trail!  The mossy forest floor and trees become alive with a magical display of different types of mushrooms.  The trail is 3.0 miles one way starting at an elevation of 600 feet with virtually no elevation gain.

Colorful mushrooms growing along the trail,
photo by Martha Rasmussen

The trail winds in and out of think moss and old growth as it follows the Sauk River.  During the fall is a good time of year for
wildlife viewing and you will  likely to see salmon spawning in the river or Murphy Creek on the south end of the trail, eagles and osprey feasting on the fish.

The winding trail of Old Sauk,
photo by Martha Rasmussen