The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

Are you looking for that special Christmas Tree?
Bringing home the perfect tree, photo by Gary Paull

Make finding this year's tree a real adventure that the family will remember for years to come.  Come out to Darrington and explore the surrounding USFS forest roads for the perfect Christmas Tree.  You can purchase your Christmas Tree Permits at the Darrington Ranger Station or the Darrington Hardware.  Consider making it a weekend adventure and spend the night in the beautiful Darrington area.  Enjoy simple winter pleasures like a good romp in the snow, a winter hike on Old Sauk Trail or Whitehorse Trail.  Discover forest roads all over again during winter snows for sledding.

Traveling down a forest road, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Traditionally USFS Christmas Tree Permits become available right after Veteran's Day, November 11th.  The cost per permit is $10 for trees up to 12 feet and $20 for trees taller than 12 feet.  A Northwest Trail Pass will also be required if you are planning on parking at a  for fee trailhead and parking permit for designated Sno-Parks.  Expect most forest roads to be narrow with brushy shoulders.  Keep your eyes out for the pullouts, (wide spots along the road), in case you see a vehicle coming your way you will be able to pull off of the road.  Some of the best Christmas Trees grow right along the roads over crowding and competing for sunshine.  Not only can you find the perfect Christmas Tree but you can also help with a little needed thinning for the remaining trees.

Snow arrives to the upper forest roads, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Be mindful that when driving forest roads in late fall and winter, days are getting shorter.  The further you head up in elevation the colder it will get and likely you will encounter snow so dress accordingly.  Always tell someone where you are heading out to and check road conditions. Always in driving up in snow be sure to turn around when you can and not when situations force you to turn around or worst yet need to back out.  Parking and walking on ahead could be yet another great family adventure if you dress for it but don't be surprised if you feel that cold snowball coming your way!

Please see the USFS website for further information for rules where trees are not allowed to be cut and other rules.