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Hoobajoob Art Show

9th Annual Hoobajoob Art Show
At their Studio, 605 S. Emens Ave, Darrington WA 98241
August,17th, Saturday - 10 am to 4 pm & August 18th, Sunday, noon to 6 pm

The show will feature colorful, abstract paintings and collages by Holly Cannell, classically inspired and abstract works in charcoal by Ron Wolff and unique acrylics and collages by Gordy Beil.  Light snacks and non-alcoholic refreshment will be served.  This is a family friendly event.

About The Artist In Their Own Words

"Detail from Chain Painting", by Holly Cannell

Let's meet artist Holly Cannell:

"I create bright abstract art using a variety of materials including paint, paper, and found objects. Color and texture are important to me and this comes through in my artwork. I want to express joy and share that with the viewer. Forms drawn from the natural world frequently appear in my work, a jagged line that imitates the edge of a leaf for example. I love the beautiful trees, streams, and mountains visible in Darrington. Living here is heaven for me."

"Nap Ti",  by Ron Wolff

Let's meet artist Ron Wolff:
"My abstract works are never done. These colorful excursions on paper never reach completion. This presentation of my art, at the Hoobajoob, marks a present state of being and not a land fall. My art is created with oil pastel, charcoal, colored pencil and dry pastel."

uttu22", by Gordy Beil

Let's meet artist Gordy Beil:

"My work encompasses a broad variety of media: mono-print, block printing, solvent transfers, intaglio engraving, collage, painting in acrylic, found object constructions, photography (B&W and color) and manipulated Polaroid photography."