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Darrington Eagle Festival

An Eagle In Flight Is Something You Will Remember
For The Rest Of Your Life!

Arlington - Stillaguamish - Darrington
Eagle Festival
February 7, 2015
10 am to 3 pm

Eagle soaring, photo by Petes-Earth-Art

As the days grow colder the majestic eagles
return up to the Stillaguamish Valley.  The salmon have also returned to the rivers to spawn and the eagle will feast before all of their time is devoted to raising their young.  The average clutch of eggs laid by the female is one to three eggs.  On the 35th day the eaglets hatch and nonstop feeding of the eaglets begins.  The young fledglings stay close to the nest developing skills they will need to survive under the watchful eyes of their parents.  When it is time the fledged juvenile eagle with mottled brown plumage will leave the safety of the nest and its parents and spend the next four years flying solo.  When the juvenile attains the striking plumage of their parents with white head and tail they are eligible to mate and the legacy of the eagles returning to nest continues.   Welcome the eagles home as Darrington celebrates their return!

Enjoy a day learning about the eagles
that have returned to the Stillagumish, Sauk & Suiattle Rivers for countless years always bringing a sense of awe, celebration & admiration.