Shop Local

Think Big And Shop Local!

Shopping locally is a way you can support your local economy and help support local jobs.  If enough people would buy locally it could even create local jobs!  Most businesses are locally owned in the Darrington area and support our community.  When you spend your money where you live, this money, according to the national averages, will circulate about three times in the community and 68% of it will get reinvested back into the local economy.  When you shop as we say in Darrington "Down Below", away from Darrington 100% of revenues to the local economy are lost.

Your local businesses supply, to the best of their abilities, the necessary things for you to live a comfortable life in a rural community.  They also provide our visitors the necessities so they can enjoy our community and beautiful surrounding area.  Our businesses hire local people, support our school, donate to local charities and help with a multitude of fundraisers around town.  The national average profit for a small business
is 20 cents to the dollar.  By supporting your local businesses helps to generate needed revenues to increased needed inventories and hire more local people.  These jobs that come available may be your own job, a family member, neighbor or friend.  Next time you go shopping ask yourself what does this business provide my community?  Does it help our schools, provide local jobs and will they stand up and help us in times of disaster?  When you shop local you are supporting the businesses that have a long history of generosity to our community.  Think Big, Think Strong & Support Local!