Phases of Whitehorse

Whitehorse Mountain, Darrington's Great Love Affair...
Sunset on Whitehorse Mountain, photographer Pam Fritchman

Every morning as the light reaches Whitehorse Mountain you see the mountain anew & as the sun sets for the evening the mountain is again painted with nature's rich colors.  You linger as if the mountain has cast a spell and watch as the colors change & the shadows grow longer.  Tomorrow your eyes will again turn to Whitehorse in anticipation as everyday paints the mountain all over again

The clouds breaking over Whitehorse Mountain, photographer Bob Herzer

It can be days when all you see is a thick layer of clouds as you look for Whitehorse, but you will find yourself looking in that direction trying to see if you can see its majestic peaks through the clouds.  Sometimes it seems these are the most beautiful days for the mountain with snowy peaks framed within the clouds.

Whitehorse Mountain in late summer, photographer Bob Herzer

As summer begins to melt the snow pack on Whitehorse Mountain the wall of waterfalls begins, often times being heard from the valley below.  As the snow melts the snowy peaks transform the mountain into rugged rock, a whole new kind of beautiful.

Storm rolling in over Whitehorse Mountain, photographer Martha Rasmussen

Living in remote Darrington one learns to watch the mountains for changes in the weather,  the approaching snows of winter and the snow level as it rises when warmer summer days open up the area for hiking & scenic forest drives.

First snow on Whitehorse Mountain, photographer Brad Stern

As summer days grow shorter and nights begin to feel the cold bite of winter, eyes will turn to the mountain watching for the first winter's snow.  Soon the other surrounding mountains will also have snow as the snow level drops in elevation.  When the snow level drops clear down to "Gold Hill" winter will soon be in the valley. 

The last glimmer of Whitehorse Mountain for the day as the sun sets low, photographer Brie Hawkins

Whitehorse Mountain is more than Darrington's icon, it is so much of Darrington's remote lifestyle