Majestic Mountains

Mt. Baker and Sloan Peak from head of Cadet Peak
 Photographer Gary Paull
Whitehorse & The Rainbow
Photographer Jamie Johnson

 Mt. Pugh and White Chuck Mountains as seen from over Pilot Ridge
Photographer Gary Paull
Three Fingers Mountain in early spring
Photographer Martha Rasmussen
Glacier Peak from the meadow traverse above White Chuck River
 Photographer Kim Brown

Glacier Peak towering over the surrounding mountains at an elevation of 
10,541 feet.
Photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

Sloan Peak From Pilot Ridge
Photographer Gary Paull

"A sense of security seemed to come
from these mountains; 
it was like living in the hollow 
of the cupped hand of God."

Written by pioneer, 
Jean Bedal Fish