Looking From Harry's Front Porch

These are the views that pioneer Harry Bedal once saw from his
historic trapping cabin long ago

Looking to the west through the boulder strewn glade, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Harry chose well for his cabin site protected by one enormous boulder in the meadow basin. 
The destruction from avalanche chutes can be seen in several directions but the scree from the peaks above skirted away from this huge boulder.

Twin Peaks to the west, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Sometimes Harry would make a couple of trips a day to his cabin from his families home down by the Sauk River at Bedal
and many times with his faithful kitty companion.

Looking northwest towards Bedal Peak, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Bedal Peak, Bedal Campground & Bedal Creek was named for the Bedal family. 
The small Edith Falls on Bedal Creek is named after Harry's sister Edith Bedal.

Looking to the north at Sloan Peak, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Harry spent a lot of his time in his small cabin trapping or
working his asbestos claim north of his cabin toward Sloan Peak.

Looking up the glade to the northeast, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Bedal Family, a cherished Darrington Legacy, a rugged pioneer family at home in their mountains

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