Whitehorse Mountain

6,840 foot towering backdrop of Whitehorse Mountain as see from Darrington, photographer Martha Rasmussen

The northeast face of Whitehorse Mountain is 6,840 feet and popular climbing destination.  The presence of Whitehorse and it views is so much a part of Darrington's rural community.

Whitehorse Mountain and Whitehorse Ridge, photographer Brad Stern

The north face of Whitehorse Mountain is rises 6,000 feet in only 1.8 miles.  Whitehorse Ridge, extends westward of the mountain and is easily seen from SR 530 driving to and from Darrington.

Whitehorse Mountain and eastern ridge, photographer Brad Stern

The rugged eastern ridge of Whitehorse Mountain gradually drops down to 5,000 feet.  The snow pack melts down forming Buckeye Creek & Buckeye Falls named by pioneer Charles Burns.  This waterfall is easily seen from town.

The low elevation So-Bahli-Ahli Glacier of Whitehorse Mountain, photographer Martha Rasmussen

Whitehorse Mountain at sunset, photographer Brie Hawkins