Round Mountain

Hiking the Climbing route on Round Mountain, photo by Paul Wagner

Round Mountain can easily be seen from SR 530 as you drive to Darrington from Arlington.  This Mountain is northwest of Darrington, coordinates - 48.3262201. N - 121.7504118 W.  The elevation to the peak is 5,305 feet or 1,617 meters.  When you look at the mountain it becomes obvious how it got its name, simply the shape of the mountain is pretty round.

Round Mountain to the right & the peaks of Mt. Higgins to the left, photo by Martha Rasmussen

You can get some nice vistas of Round Mountain while driving the scenic Forest Service #18 to Cumberland Pass.  There is also a climbing route, for skilled climbers, to the peak with a total panorama of vistas with the two legendary giants, Mt. Baker to the north and Glacier Peak to the southeast.

A snowy Round Mountain from Segelson Ridge, photo by Paul Wagner

In the winter during snow the Segelsen Forest Road is part of the Segelsen Creek - Finney Creek Snow Park opening up a real winter wonderland!  Beautiful Round Mountain is a full season discovery waiting to happen!

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