Prairie Mountain

Prairie Mountain as seen from White Chuck Ridge, photographer Martha Rasmussen

Prairie Mountain, east of Sauk Prairie is an elevation of 5,678 feet.  During World War II the prominent peak of this mountain was used as a lookout for enemy aircraft as were many of the surrounding peaks around Darrington.  The mountain's large alpine meadow on the western slope is referred to as "The Green Spot" by locals, however for much of the year during snow pack, this area is a beautiful patch of white which can be seen from quite a distance.

Prairie Mountain from Sauk Prairie on a snowy day, photographer Martha Rasmussen

This mountain is not well known as a climbing destination yet offers a challenge as well as outstanding vistas.  Toward the northern end of the mountain is Prairie Lake & Little Prairie Lake.  Prairie Lake drains over the rock outcropping forming Prairie Lake Falls which in peak season can be seen all the way across Sauk River from the west.

Fresh snow on Prairie Mountain, photographer Stacy Blake

All of Darrington's Mountains are so unique from each other, from the avalanche shoots of Mt. Higgins from the low So-Bahli-Ahli Glacier of Whitehorse Mountain.  The slopes with prominent avalanche chutes, alpine meadows, lakes and waterfall all make Prairie Mountain another crowning jewel of Darrington's surrounding mountains.