Mount Pugh

Mount Pugh from the Mountain Loop Highway, photographer Martha Rasmussen

Mount Pugh, at elevation 7,201 feet, is the first mountain you will see in front of you as you drive south on the Mountain Loop Highway.  The mountain gets its name from pioneer John Pugh.  The Native Americans gave the mountain the name Da Kagwats pertaining to the rocks of the mountain.

Mount Pugh from SR 530, photographer Martha Rasmussen

As you drive SR 530 to Darrington Mount Pugh can been seen at about 5 miles where there is a pullout along the road.  You will see the mountain peak east of Whitehorse & Jumbo Mountains.

A closer look at the peak of Mount Pugh, photographer Brad Stern

At one time there was a fire lookout perched high atop Mount Pugh with far reaching views to help safeguard the timber lands.  Today there is a hiking trail that goes up to the the old site and beautiful Lake Metan.