Darrington Street

The Early Years Of Darrington Street

Photo courtesy of Martha Rasmussen

The white settlers came to the valley in search of gold!  Just east of Darrington Street stands a historical marker which shows the location
of where the old pioneer road passed through town.  The road was built in 1890 when the Monte Cristo gold rush began.  Prospectors and
equipment traveled up the road from the Skagit River to Monte Cristo.  The marker is constructed of a survey marker, wagon wheel rim, pick,
shovel supported on a pedestal made from rocks from surrounding mining claims.

Photo from Loren Kraetz

Looking at Darrington Street, "Main Street"  circa 1901 from near
the Darrington Depot.  The streets at that time were well know for their mud and dust.

Photo courtesy of Betty Knowls

The Pioneer Hotel was constructed around 1900(circa) and when completed will be the largest hotel in Darrington. 
Notice the train tracks in front.  The hotels were just west of the train depot and the siding for the Danahar Logging Railroad.

Danahar Locomotive, photo courtesy of Mary Faucette

The Danahar Logging Railroad ran south of Darrington Street to their logging  camps along the Sauk River.  The logging camps were built to be
mobile traveling on the railroad as camps were moved to new work sites.  The mobile camp moved six times, their last trip being moved to town where
several of these buildings are still used today. Later Danahar was bought out by the Sauk River Logging company.

Photo courtesy of Burlington Northern

The Darrington Depot was built in 1901, the same year the first train came to Darrington and
located near the northeast corner of present day Darrington Street and the Mountain Loop Highway.

The Arlington - Darrington Train,
photo courtesy of the Darrington Historical Society

The train from Arlington came up daily bringing passengers and supplies and was the focus of the town to see what it would bring. 
Then it would head back "down below" picking up logs and lumber from the very mills along the way. 
The Northern Pacific Arlington - Darrington Branch is now the Whitehorse Rails-To-Trails.

The old Darrington Store, photo courtesy of O.C. Donaldson

The Darrington Store was built circa 1916 and faced toward the depot, post office and Moore Store.  Later the post office was moved to the
Darrington Store.  This building still stands today now facing toward Darrington Street and is the present day Darrington Napa Auto Parts