Orgin of Andron

When the owner of Dannehar Logging Company was found dead, dying of mysterious circumstances, the cause of death was listed as suicide, it however is highly unlikely.  Dannehar was found dead at his mill in Tacoma, his hands chained behind him to a pier, he drowned as high water rose. After his death the railroad wye name was changed to Andron, the new owner were Anderson and McFarland.  There are records that ANDRON was derived from their two names.  The author of this webpage suggest the railroad wye joining several prosperous logging railroads at on wye was named after the Greek Andon.  The Greek Andron was a lavish room designated for only men atop of home, a symbol of status for the elite and wealthy.  Service doors entered from the sides for food, drink and entrainment of the gentlemen.  Perhaps the name was given to this wye as a symbal of status and wealth.