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Irving School

The Irving School, photo from Finas Skeers

The Irving School opened their doors on 1916. This school was located 1/4 mile east of the railroad crossing at Swede Heaven. It was closed on the same day that the new Whitehorse School opened. Finas Skeers " The Irving school closed the same morning that the new Whitehorse School opened in 1923.  "We gathered our things and walked to the new school. The old school bell was also moved and that became the Whitehorse school bell" Finas Skeers shares his memory of the big day. 
The ruins of the Irving School as it was in August 2014, photo by Martha Rasmussen

The Irving School was then used as a office for the L.D.R saw mill. Later the school was salvaged to build a home at Arlington Heights and what was left behind at the old site caught fire and burned. You can still see the old chimneys from the where the tracks were, now the Whitehorse Trail.

Students identified in this photo by Eva Walker and Ester Traulsen 1999 

Going from left to right: Finas Skeers, George Furland, Carl Gladsjo, Kenny Price, Harold Lee, Irene Mathew, Ida May Clark, Nioma Lee, Noreen Denman, Clark...., Hollis Shipley, George Skeers, Wesley Clark, Gene Simmons, Ernie Gladsjo, Evelyn Lan, Eudica (The Teacher), Fred Thorton, Eva Vernal Clark, Rachel Adams, Ivan Lee, Paul Lee, Floyd Lee, Burger Getchman, Harry Skaglund, Al Shipley, Lenora Lee, Gene Lane, Cass Clark, Doris Clark, Karen Skaglund, ......., Harry Asplund, Cynthia Getcman, Winston Baldwin, Agnes Skaglund, Clara Campbell, Miss Cruitsburg (The Teacher), Margret Lane "Barky", Dooy Clark, Ivy Clark, Oval Shipley, Ella Baldwin, Katherine Campbell "Bates", Hazel Furland, Hazel...., Bob Getchman.

Written by Martha Rasmussen
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