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Hazel "Higgins" School

 The second Hazel School in 1924, photo from Hazel Holms
The first school at Hazel, Washington opened in 1903 and was a simple school house made from cedar boards that were cut on site.  The school was named Higgins School after early homesteader Walter B. Higgins. High flood waters from the Stillaguamish River damaged much of the settlement of Hazel and completely destroyed the school in 1924. The "new" Higgins school was built in the same year.  In 1932 the school was closed and the students were bussed up to the Whitehorse School closer to Darrington.  In 1932 both the Hazel and Whitehorse School Districts consolidated with the Darrington School District #319.
According to Hazel Holms, now deceased, in 1922, the students at the Hazel School were, Mildred O'Conner, Albert Ensen in the 7th grade, Bill Pierson in the 5th grade, Blanche and Hazel Knights in the 2nd grade, Helen and Elizabeth Jackson, Nancy Ann Kann in the 1st grade and Hazel.