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The Schools Of Old School Park

The upper Stiaguamish valley had many small schools such as the Irving, Whitehorse, Hazel, Bennetville, Mansford and White pine. Over time these school districts began to consolidate to bigger and bigger school districts.
The old grade school at Old School Park location built in 1922

In the year of 1920 the new grade school for Darrington began construction and was completed in 1921. It was a multi-room, two story school with a basement below. It was probably the tallest building in the town at that time. It seemed to boast of prosperous times standing alone on a large lot set aside for school land. The town was in a boom and it looked like it would never stop. Soon the new school was no longer big enough to handle all of the students. By 1925 construction of another school was started. This one was to house the high school students and was completed in 1926..

The first Darrington High School built in 1926

It seemed the expansion of Darrington would go on forever, then in 1929, when the devastation of the Great Depression hit Darrington it all changed. In 1930 the town of Darrington received a report from the secretary of the state board of education, stating that high school facilities were “inadequate.” The Darrington School district #319 was challenged to reorganize, and acquire funding for a new high school.

The second Darrington High School built in 1937

In spite of the Great Depression, the school board did procure the money needed to build a new high school. The school district reorganized to include all outlying schools. All children were bussed to Darrington, with the exception of the Whitehorse school. Construction of the new high school began in 1936, and it opened in 1937.  The old high school built in 1925 was later used as a dormitory for some of the teachers then later was the school band building.

The second high school with west wing added

A west wing was added in the year of 1952 or 1953 to house the elementary students and the old two story elementary school was later torn down.

In the early 1990s, the high school was built where it is today. The old concrete block building was torn down, and the land set aside for a city park. To this day, there are many bittersweet memories of that fateful day when the big school was demolished. In spite of the Great Depression, Darrington had pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and built a grand school. One surely to be proud of.