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Darrington's First School

Darrington established their new School District #64 and went about building their first school in 1893.  This school was located at what is now named Kirk Lake, south west of Darrington.  The school was constructed out of split hewed planed cedar.  Pioneer Nels Bruseth describes the opening of the new school:

"The first school house in Darrington was on the old Hile place.  Everybody helped and everything except the windows was made out of native material.  Henry Miener hewed out desks, chairs and tables out of heavy cedar slabs.

The people petitioned for a teacher.  The census showed many prospective pupils, stretching a point here and there.  However the teacher came and the school started with four pupils.  A boy of the Smiths, a girl by the last name of Allen, also Dora Mieners and Harry Grafton.  The teacher came from Snohomish and his name was Jones."

This school became referred the as the Hile School.  Several other students attended this school before it was abandoned, replaced by a new split cedar school house (no date).  The school house was purchased by A.H. Huber and prospector Everett Border dismantled it and hauled it to Darrington.