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Bennettville School

The Bennettville School was built in 1918. This building was also the first home of the Mansford Grange #710 and was where they held their elections to organize on September 25, 1919. After the school districts merged in the 1930s and the kids were bussed to Darrington, the old school was used as a community building, Sunday school and held dances there. In 1940 Bennetville School burned to the ground.

Front Row:

Mrs. J. C. Ingman a teacher, Lyman Younkin, Marion Bennett, George Johnson, James Enick, Irving Olson, Ray Bennett, Elmer Joby, Gladys Gustafson, Agnes White, Alma Bryson, Elmer Gustafson, Harold Maxwell, Ruth white, Eileen Gustafson, Clifford Sullivan, David Ingman, Lois Moore, Dorothy Thompson, June Johnson, Miss Alice Christman a teacher.

Back Row:

Gladys Youngblood, Hazel Gustafson, Geraldine Faucett, Martha Conrad, Joyce Joby, Esther Gustafson, Helen Johnson, Louise Jones, Vera Faucett, Virginia Faucett, Martin Olson.