Darrington News, June 2o, 1903

Mr. Loomis' little girl, who died Sunday, was buried near the mill. They expected to take the remains to Arlington, but the railroad refused to take the body on account of death being due to Scarlet Fever, a contagious disease.

Local News, June 27, 1903

Gussie, four year old daughter of Bert Loomis of Darrington, died Sunday of Scarlet Fever. The burial occured Monday, Undertaker Smith, of this place, having charge of the funeral. Three other children in the same family are suffering from the disease but are convalescing.


A second recent death in the family of Bert Loomis, of Darrington, occured Thursday, the last victim being their little girl 18 months old. Death due to putrid sore throat following Scarlet Fever.