Three Fingers

Three Fingers Fire Lookout and avalanche, photo by John Scurlock

Three Fingers Fire Lookout was constructed in 1931, this gabled L-4 cab perched on a high spire of Three Fingers Mountain.  Harry Tucker was the last lookout man at the of his season in 1942, he secured the shutters and bolted the door unaware that "his" lookout was retiring.  It sat for almost 30 years abandoned, then in the 1980s this famous lookout found new life thanks to the Forest Fire Lookout Association and Mountaineers.  The lookout was restored and is now listed on the National Historic Lookout Register.
Looking at Three Fingers Mountain from the northeast, photo by Martha Rasmussen

The lookout is at an elevation of 6,854 feet.  On September 25, 1929 Harry Bedal and Harold Engles stuffed sandwiches in their pockets and set out to go have a look at that mountain, (Three Fingers Mountain).  Harold had his eye Three Fingers for quite awhile for a lookout spot, you could see this mountain from several different directions so there had to be quit the view from that tall spire.  By June of 1930 work had begun on trail work and packing in supplies to build a legendary fire lookout.   

Three Fingers Fire Lookout in March 30, 2005, photo by John Scurlock