Mt. Higgins

Mt. Higgins Fire Lookout, photo USFS

Mt. Higgins Fire Lookout started out as a camp in 1918, by April of 1920 a contract was submitted to build a cab on this site.  Later in 1926 a capala cabin was built on the site.  The lookout was abandoned in 1949, later destroyed by heavy snow, the date is unknown, however records indicate it had been destroyed by 1965.  The children of Hazel, Washington, now all grown, still recall the last "lookout man" as playful.  At night he would shine his light below at the small settlement and they in return would shine their flashlights up above at him.

Mt. Higgins Fire Lookout collapsed by heavy winter snows,
photo by the Darrington Historical Society

The ruins of the old lookout are still on Mt. Higgins and can be seen when hiking the Mt. Higgins Trail #640, at this time road access is closed, to the top of the mountain melting away with time.