Miner's Ridge

Miners Ridges Fire Lookout in 1981 with 3 Wilderness Rangers on deck, photo USFS

The first Fire Lookout constructed on Miner's Ridge in 1926, was a 10 by 10 foot cedar shake cabin.  In 1938 an L-4 cab on a 20 foot tower was constructed.  The lookout was refurbished in 1953.  This Fire Lookout is now on the National Historic Lookout Register and is located 8 miles northeast of Glacier Peak on Miner's Ridge, elevation 6,210 feet.

Miners Ridge, December 8, 2007, photo by John Scurlock

Fire lookouts were built to withstand very deep snows and had shutters that closed to protect the cab from severe winds.  Most of the lookout's life, the lookout was closed and unmanned during winter months, how ever during WII several of the lookouts were manned during winter to watch for enemy aircraft.

Pack-train to Miners Ridge Lookout, photo courtesy of the Darrington Historical Society

About 2 times during the summer months, the lookouts would have supplies packed in, later they would be dropped by airplanes in burlap sacks and you hoped the contents would not scatter to far when the sacks were broken.  Toward the end of the era of fire lookouts several of lookouts received supplies lowered from a rope by helicopters.