Gold "Hill" Mountain

Looking at Gold Hill from the town of Darrington, photo by Martha Rasmussen

Gold Mountain was not just the first fire lookout built in the Darrington area but it was also the first fire lookout established in northwest Washington.  It was built in 1915 and was a platform and tent.  Rowland Atchson was our first lookout man and it was during his one year stay that he spotted the Fire Creek Fire on White Chuck Mountain in 1916 saving countless acres of valuable timber.   After one season the lookout was moved to Jumbo Mountain in 1916.  For the next two decades fire lookouts will be built on most major northwest Washington mountain peaks.
Gold Mountain Fire Lookout was located 4 miles east of Darrington on Gold "Hill" Mountain near Lake Angeline, some of the steel from the platform still remain.  The elevation was 3,300 feet.