French Point

French Point Fire Lookout, USFS

French Point Fire Lookout was built in 1935 and had a 35 foot pole tower with an L-4 cab.  The lookout was abandoned in 1959.  This lookout was located 8 miles west of Darrington, near the FS Rd. #2010 "French Creek Rd."  about half way up to the Boulder River Trailhead on the west side. Elevation 1,400 feet.
Looking at the remains of anchors for the 35 foot pole tower, photo by Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

Researching the history of French Point Lookout, records were found for abandonment but nothing about it being destroyed.  The ruins still lay atop French Point just a little before you reach the end of the road. Most of the road  to French Point follows the same road that built in 1934 one year prior to the construction of the lookout.  Around 1975 this road was altered changing the westward curve and straightening the road.

  This is one of the old poles of the 35 foot that supported the tower, photo Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

The four poles for the tower lay northeast in a thicket of blackberries and new growth trees.  They would appear to be just random logs with the exception that they lay all at the same angle and are embedded with the old hardware.

Mt. Higgins looking from French Point, photo by Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

So what was the lookout watching over and why build a lookout at that particular site?  With an elevation of only 1,400 feet it certainly was not a very high lookout.  Standing at French Point gives you a far reaching view east to west of the Stillaguamish Valley and the mountains to the north.    

Looking northeast of French Point, photo by Nels Rasmussen

French Point is a great Place to see a panoramic view of the  Stillaguamish Valley.  Keep in mind however that when the lookout man gazed out over the valley he was standing 35 feet higher than where you are standing now.

Getting There:
To get to French Point, drive to French Creek Road (FS Rd. #2010) when you have driven 2.5 miles there will be a gated road to the right, this is the road to the point.  The hike up to French Peak is about 2/3 mile one way and is a moderate climb with about a 400 foot elevation gain.