Hampton Lumber Mill

Hampton Lumber Mill - Darrington Division
Member of Darrington Strong, Inc.

46921 Sauk Prairie Road, Darrington, WA 98241  
(360) 436-2022
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The Three Rivers Millpond in the 1930's, photo from the Darrington Historical Society

Darrington has a long history as a timber based community with many sawmills in the area. Hampton Mill is the largest employer for the Darrington area and their purchase and upgrade of the mill speaks of their commitment to the success of our community.

Darrington Hampton Mill and Whitehorse Mountain, photo by Bob Herzer

"Think Green"
 isn't just a slogan, it is a way of doing business at all our Hampton Sites. The projects promoted at our sawmills are designed to provide sustainability in two areas: providing a safe working environment for our employees and visitors to our locations and promoting new ways of doing business that preservers natural resources. 

Darrington Mill log yard, photo by Bob Herzer

It all started for what is now called Hampton Affiliates in 1942 When Bud Hampton purchased a sawmill in Willamina, Oregon.  Hampton Affiliates now operates sawmills in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Hampton moved to Darrington in 2002, upgrading the mill to a state of the art mill and building a Co-Gen to cleanly burn all woody bio-waste and converting it into electricity to heat the buildings, run equipment and dry the green wood in the kilns.  What is surplus is sold back to the local utility, Snohomish County Public Utility District.

The old millpond at Hampton and Whitehorse Mountain, photo by Bob Herzer

Each year, as our mills work toward excellence in safety, they compete for our coveted “President’s Cup Award” for Safety in the workplace. The location with the best safety record wins!

Congratulations to our recent winners:
2009 – Willamina Lumber Company
2008 – Decker Lake Forest Products
2007 – Darrington/Arlington
2008 Decker Lake
2010 Decker Lake
2011 Decker Lake
2013 Morton/Napavine
2014 Warrenton